Android 8.0 O, the next major iteration of Google’s mobile OS, might not be that far away from its first developer preview, but thus far, apart from one collection of rumors including mentions of smarter messaging and gesture-based shortcuts, there have been little to no clues as to what changes the update has in store for us but surely there must be alot of improvements made in the final version.

It seems the rumor mill has set about to change that, with 9to5Google listing a bunch of new features and changes that might make it to the release, though without any detailed descriptions for each. List is as follow:

  • New notifications.
  • App icon badges for active notifications.
  • Picture-in-picture mode like Android TV.
  • Smart text selection floating toolbar w/ Assistant integration.
  • Restricted background activities from apps, like Chrome 57.
  • Adaptive icons like Google Pixel.
  • Lots of improvements to MediaRecorder API.
  • Tons of enterprise stuff.

The publication notes that while this information was received second-hand, there is reason to believe that the unnamed original source could indeed have obtained said info.

First in the list is a revamp of the notification system, though what that entails hasn’t been specified. More self explanatory would be mentions of app icon badges for notifications and picture-in-picture mode, with the former likely referring to the inclusion of numerical badges similar to the ones that appear over iOS app icons when they have active notifications.

Picture-In-Picture capability was rolled out to the Android TV platform with the release of Android Nougat. With Android O, Google might be planning to bring it to tablets, or maybe even phones, what all is cooking behind the labs you may never know about that so all we can do is sit back and wait for the best to come up.

The next major feature on the list is a smart text selection toolbar that integrates with Google Assistant, it will be a great functionality. 9to5Google speculates that this might refer to a previously rumored feature called “Copy Less” that would allow devices to automatically recognize copy useful information (like addresses) off a screen.

Remaining mentions include the ability to restrict background activities much like the stricter throttling added to Chrome 57 which says in version 57, the browser will delay timers to limit average CPU load to 1% of a core if an application uses too much CPU in the background. Intensive services that play audio or maintain real-time connections, like chatting through WebRTC, will be excluded.

As we previously mentioned that all these are just rumors there is no as such confirmation on any of these details or features mentioned here, which means we can only speculate what each might offer.

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