By: Praful Srivastava, reporter, ABP News

New Delhi, is good news for shoppers using Paytm. Now the shopkeeper your mobile wallet every month instead of 25 thousand to 50 thousand bucks in your account at the bank will be able to transfer. Just a month before Paytm Wallet can be used to transfer 25 thousand rupees. With that now, after 24 hours from the sales in your bank account, you will be Tronnsfr. The shopper is using Paytm merchant must declare yourself and to give details of the bank account.

Ebit Paytm officer Deepak said, “We have a new solution is found for the shopper and merchant. The app will tell the user that he will tell the shopper and the account is used for business. We limit has increased 50 thousand rupees per month. As soon as the merchant and bank account information themselves Dicler Rs 50 every month will be transferred to the account. Then 24 hours later, the money you will accumulate through Paytm he will run in its own bank account. “

50 thousand rupees a month, you will be able to write. The album will go on and the app will tell you that the merchant would give the bank account number.

If someone earns more than 50 thousand different process for him will have to give him the document. After which you can extend the range of more than 50 thousand.

Very many of our merchants are reaching the limit of 25 thousand. We are celebrating fifty thousand of the 95 percent limit, we will cover the remaining five per cent of the merchant, our solution is that it may also adjust.

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