Facebook is also the world’s biggest social network however it’s clearly not content with that. Moves into alternative markets are more and more commonplace for the corporate and with steps into VR(virtual reality) and instant messaging already underway, it should maybe come back as no surprise that cryptocurrency is that the next step.

According to a brand new report by Cheddar‘s Alex Heath, Facebook’s going to launch its very own cryptocurrency.

Perhaps clearly, there isn’t an excessive amount of info floating around regarding the move simply yet, however the idea is that Facebook is observing cryptocurrency as a payment technique to be used across the Facebook platform. Given the sheer number of individuals concerned and therefore the existing user base covering a thriving marketplace inside Facebook, that will be quite the undertaking.

Pic Credits: Alextones

The report claims that the move towards cryptocurrency is being led by David Marcus, the same man who was recently reportable as being the head of a brand new division inside Facebook which will concentrate on, you guessed it, blockchain technology. Marcus’ brief is to “explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch.” Facebook is keeping its cards close to its chest right now, though it did unleash a brief statement to The Verge during which it lined the bases while not really spoken language something new.

Like several different firms Facebook is exploring ways that to leverage the ability of blockchain technology. This new little team are going to be exploring many various applications. we don’t have something more to share.

While the excitement surrounding cryptocurrency has quietened slightly since the massive Bitcoin craze that swept over the world a couple of months past, there’s still plenty for firms like Facebook to work on. We’d be surprised if others weren’t following suit.

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