Black Dot Text Message Crashing Bug Hits iOS 11.3 And iOS 11.4 Running iPhones And iPads


Did you, or somebody you recognize, suffer from the ‘Black dot’ crashing issue that was forcing WhatsApp on android to hang and become unresponsive? If so, then it’s time for you to laugh in the face of your iPhone and iPad-owning friends and colleagues, because the same emoji character has been shown to cause devices running iOS 11.3.1 and iOS 11.4 to crash and hang.

Android users are experiencing this issue over the previous couple of days, that manifested when a particular emoji character is received on the device.

Rather than being one emoji dot, it had been discovered that it really comprised of thousands of individual characters that were invisible to the human eye, however that cause large issues to the android text rendering engine, inflicting it to literally abort and hang the device.

Now, a similar issue has been discovered on Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware running the latest firmware versions.

As with the behavior on android, it appears that iOS additionally has issues processing the thousands of invisible characters, inflicting the device to run through an untold quantity of CPU cycles attempting to process the info. This ultimately eats up all of the memory of the device and causes the native Messages app to repeatedly crash and leave the user unable to try and do anything inside that app. Given the nature of the bug and also the fact that it’s apparent on android and iOS, logic dictates that Apple’s watchOS and macOS platforms would additionally behave within the same manner.

This specific bug isn’t malicious in nature, and by that, we have a tendency to mean that it isn’t capable of doing any lasting harm to the device or able to extract any information for unknown parties. However, it’s very annoying and frustrating once you are left unable to use the native Messages app on mac, iPhone, or iPad, which means that the sole way to rectify the problem is to somehow exit out of the Messages app and obtain to a point where you’ll be able to delete the offending conversation within the list.

Apple, like Google, will deem this a important bug considering it affects just about each device and there’s no best-known way to combat it. So, with that in mind, we are able to hopefully expect a minor point release of iOS within the near future designed to fix the matter.

Check out the bug in action below:

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