If you own an iPhone X that has a problem with its Face ID functionality leading to “Face ID is not Available” error then you will be able to get a full new phone after you visit an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service provider following a change in policy.

Previously, Apple would solely provide a display replacement in cases where Face ID problems were being experienced, however technicians are now authorized to offer entire device replacements in such scenarios.

If users do move into stores with devices exhibiting Face ID problems then technicians are suggested to initially run the device through a suite of camera diagnostics so as to determine whether a hardware replacement can be made without giving an entire new iPhone X, however if a difficulty will persist then a replacement phone will be offered, according to a brand new support document obtained by the folks over at MacRumors.

Somewhat oddly, the document suggests that technicians ought to run the tests on the phone’s rear camera, though the explanations for this are unclear and Apple has not commended in public. Why the rear camera might impact Face ID functionality is something that Apple has not made clear.

so as to give the most effective client experience, if a client reports that their iPhone X has Face ID problems, you will be able to resolve the problem with a rear camera repair. Run AST 2 on the customer’s device to examine the camera. If the diagnostics notice issue with the camera, perform the repair to check if the problem is resolved. If the problem isn’t resolved, perform a full unit replacement rather than a same-unit display repair.

If you discover that your Face ID options don’t seem to be behaving as they must then we recommend making an appointment at your native Genius Bar or Apple Authorized Service provider.

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