If you’re a Twitter user – and over 330 million of you’re – then you’re going to need to change your password and, significantly, the password of any service that happens to use identical password.

This comes when the social network declared that a bug in its systems allowed user passwords to be keep on a server in plain text, instead of the hashed kind what would have been expected.

Pic Credits: TheHackerNews

While passwords would usually get replaced by random hashed strings of text inside Twitter’s system, the firm says that a bug inside that system that caused passwords to be saved in plain text. It’s claimed that the bug was found by Twitter itself which there’s no suggestion that any third-party had access to them and significantly, plans are afoot to create certain that a repeat performance doesn’t occur.

Twitter isn’t saying what number of passwords were found to be in its system and in plain text, however given the request for every user to reset their password it’s attainable that the company either doen’t know how many were there or, additional accurately, it had been a large enough number to warrant everybody reset their credentials.

With Twitter requesting everybody change their passwords out of an “abundance of caution,” it’s additionally necessary to recollect that any services that use identical credentials will need their passwords changing, too.

Passwords making their way out into the wild is sadly an progressively common incidence, however the great news here is that there’s no indication that this is often the case here. Fingers crossed that doesn’t change.

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