Good news for anyone with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus running iOS 11.3 experiencing mic troubles; Cupertino-based Apple has kind of acknowledged that a problem do exist in a certain set of these devices.

In a perfect world, companies would straightaway take all complaints of issues seriously and instantly provided feedback on the matter at its earliest convenience. However, that doesn’t continuously happen, that makes it all the sweeter for device owners when Apple officially acknowledges them and validates the matter.

Pic Credits: iKream

As a part of an official memorandum passed around to Apple authorized Service providers, Tim Cook’s company has confirmed that some affected iPhone 7/7 plus owners might experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls, that instantly provides them an inability to change to that call mode.

Apple has additionally confirmed that beside not having the ability to enter into speaker mode, some users might have issues being heard throughout the lifecycle of a phone or FaceTime call. As a part of that memorandum, Apple has additionally asked those Apple authorized Service providers to first ask the device owner to disconnect all Bluetooth accessories or audio accessories so as to check if that resolves the matter. If not, then it’s accepted that there’s indeed a problem therewith device running iOS 11.3 or later.

If the Apple authorized Service providers deems it necessary to run a diagnostic on the device supported Apple’s directions, and if that diagnostic returns either “device couldn’t detect dock” or “accessory not supported”, then the service provider is given the permission by Apple to go through the process of repairing the device. Ideally, iPhone 7 {and 7|and seven} plus owners would still be under warranty for this repair to happen however Apple has given permission for the service provider to request an exception within the case of a faulty iPhone 7 or 7 plus with said issue even if out of warranty.

There is presently no known official reason why iPhone 7/7 plus running iOS 11.3 and later are having this problem however it’s definitely nice news to check that Apple is turning the tides and giving permission to have the matter resolved. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus owners will schedule an arrangement with an authorized reseller or directly at Apple Genius Bar.

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