Apple iPhone’s 10th anniversary was celebrated with the launching of a special edition phone which we all know is named iPhone X. It is, hands down the most advanced phone in the market around the world. Packed with the ground breaking technology of facial recognition, dual-lens 12-megapixel rear camera, with dual optical image stabilization, made up of a wide-angle f/1.8 aperture lens and a telephoto f/2.4 aperture lens stainless, surgical-grade stainless steel and what not.

The announcement was made by the CEO at Apple’s Keynote event in the Steve Jobs theater right after the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was announced. Cook said “One More Thing…” which referred to the iPhone X, “The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. The phone is all display, almost bezel-less screen with glass on the rear panel. ‘One more thing’… did I mention that the display was made by Apple‘s biggest rival, Samsung ?

Its water and dust resistant and is available in two variants, space grey and silver. The OLED display, used for the first time in an iPhone.

The iPhone, for the first time underwent a major design overhaul, as Apple removed the major part of the phone, the ‘home’ button. It takes only a single swipe to reach the home screen. The iPhone X has 12 megapixel rear camera, 7 megapixel front camera which now supports Portrait mode, and has auto image stabilization and exposure control.

The FaceID makes it even more convenient than TouchID making it fast, easy and intuitive. The company claims that it has powerful and secure authentication system, as the phone stores the detailed ‘face map’ in the phone itself and not on the cloud. FaceID uses TrueDepth camera making a detailed depth map of your face. To do that it projects 30,000 invisible dots on your face building the unique facial map. an infrared camera then reads the dotted pattern and captures the infrared image. it send the image to Secure Enclave in A11 Bionic chip to match. It also has flood illuminator which emits infrared light so that it can unlock even when its dark out.                                                                                Its designed in such a way that it resist spoofing by 2D images, or even 3D masks. Your facial map is encrypted and protected by the Secure Enclave and the of chances of spoofing it is 1 in 50,000. However, it still finds itself in strife as concerns are being raised on how much secure it really is.

With the rocking A11 Bionic Chip on-board the iPhone X, its faster than ever. A 64-bit super efficient processor with a new Apple-designed graphics unit, which has 30 percent more speed than A10 Fusion Chip. It has 6 cores, which is capable of performing 6 billion operations per second, providing 25 percent speed increase and 70 percent performance boost. As iPhone X has wireless charging, Apple has introduced a wireless charging mat which is named as AirPower, to charge the phone, set of airpods and Apple watch at the same time, which will be available in market from next year.

With wireless charging and audio jack removed, the iPhone X is completely water proof. On the other hand Samsung S8 has a audio jack but still is water proof.

The Apple’s iPhone X marketing bears the tagline of “Say hello to the future”. But is it really the future ? Or Tim Cook has forgotten the very idea of iPhone. Instead of fusing creativity, innovation and simplicity, Cook seems to be just following the market competitions, expectations and demands, not being the trend-setter anymore. “The iPhone X could be the greatest leap forward in technology simply for the sake of having the technology” ,as said by Ewan Spence, in his article written for Forbes.

The latest generation iPhone has some problems which are not to be found in previous generation iPhones. When Steve Jobs first launched iPhone, it was meant to do everything. There were no feature that were held back for better smartphone. Back then the phones did not provide all the features as some lacked a particular feature and others lacked other, saving them for better ones. iPhone solved that problem by ‘claiming that it is all you need’.

This is no longer case with iPhone now. As some model may or may not have some features like 3D Touch, different storage options etc. Now it requires huge amount of research to see which phone suits your needs, as there is no single phone which comes with all the features in a single complete package. Tim Cook messed up with adding complexities what once was the simplest offering.

Back then, when phone companies were competing with each other on who can add more buttons on a smaller body, Apple iPhone came up with totally a different thing, having only a single button. Pure creation yet being the simplest… right ? And now the time has come when Apple under the reign of Tim Cook has removed that single ‘most iconic’ home button altogether. This is the change that Tim Cook has brought to the Apple iPhone, changing the whole concept of it.

It may be more commercial than it has ever been, heavily competing with its Android competitors, losing the idea of setting a trend along with it.

Yes, iPhone has made some serious technological advances with the iPhone X, but lets not overstate the benefits of faster mobiles, with nothing new to give to the world. It’s been some time since Apple adopted its classic mantra of “Think different”.