Check out this speed test video of 1 year old iPhone 7 plus that beats all latest flagship android smartphones of 2017, as well as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8+.

All the attention within the smartphone straight away is on Apple and therefore the close announcement of no fewer than 3 new iPhone models. With the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus set to be declared throughout a media event on September 12th, there’s such a lot to look forward to, however it may be simple to forget that even without Apple’s new phones on the market, there are lots of excellent smartphones around.

Samsung alone has launched multiple flagship phones within the past few months, which is before you think about offerings from the likes of Essential and OnePlus. With such a big amount of excellent phones to decide on from and new iPhones on the horizon, wouldn’t it be fascinating to examine how the iPhone we were awaiting now last year fares against the new hotness?
As it seems, it might be terribly fascinating indeed. That’s why EverythingApplePro set about making a video during which an iPhone 7 plus is pitted against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8+, an important Phone and a OnePlus 5. simply how well can the year-old iPhone 7 plus heap up to the most important and best the competition has got to offer?

Well, you’ll ought to watch the full ten-minute video in order to urge the total lowdown but the short version is that it stands up astonishingly well. In fact, there are lots of tests carried out by EverythingApplePro throughout that the Apple device performs far better than newer, costlier handsets despite being an year old at this time.

That alone is spectacular, thus make sure to check out the video to examine how well Apple’s iPhone 7 plus handles current flagship devices when doing things like restarting, launching graphics intensive games and also the like. you’ll be shocked or, if you have got seen similar videos like this within the past, you would possibly not be shocked at all!

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