• Paytm has issued an update for iOS users
  • Version 5.8.3 brings fingerprint authentication for payments
  • This feature is introduced to add a security layer for money transfer

Paytm has introduced a much-needed feature with its latest iOS app update. The digital payments app has added a security layer by enabling Touch ID authentication. This security layer was required, given the increase in use of mobile wallets, and the threat it posed due to the lack of any authentication during money transfer.

The Paytm for iOS app version 5.8.3 has introduced Touch ID in the app, along with some ‘important bug fixes’. Once you update the app on your iPhone, Paytm will take you through steps to setup Touch ID – though users can skip this feature. If they want, they can set it up later via Profile > Security and Settings.

You do not need to authenticate your fingerprint every time you open the app. Paytm will only ask you for your fingerprint authentication when you tap on the Pay or Passbook button. Once you authenticate, you are free to make payments through any of the available modes. As we mentioned, Touch ID authentication is only asked for once when you open the Pay or Passbook tab – so it won’t ask you again until you close the app and open it again later for use.

Since the introduction of demonetisation, the adoption of mobile wallets by Indians has increased significantly. This also brought along the issue of security and privacy while transferring of money and the really easy payment transaction method, bore threat of theft and unethical practices. Many users started giving feedback, and asked for a security layer to keep their money in the wallet safer. For this reason, Touch ID has been introduced. Notably, the Touch ID authentication feature has been introduced one month after Paytm rolled out a security feature for the Android app in December. This Paytm security feature uses Android’s authorisation mechanism, and so it will only work on a phone that has a screen lock – it can be a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint. Users can then set a pattern or password for authentication before entering the Pay or Passbook tabs. As with iOS and its Touch ID implementation, setting up a password is not mandatory.

Just last week, Paytm issued a major update to introduce new features that make adding and paying money on its app easier, and has raised the maximum amount that merchants can accept in one go to their bank accounts to Rs. 50,000.

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