Facebook is ending the year with many marketing gimmicks, as well as, a new feature being added to the Messenger. The IM app has just received the video chat function. It’s something many users have been clamoring for since such is another convenient and easy way to connect with a group. Video chat is very common among group of friends. It’s conversing in a whole new level even when people are apart from one another.  Families especially will appreciate this Group Video Chat in Messenger as it is seamless and very simple. It’s like having face-to-face conversations as if the other party is just near.

This particular feature will be available with the latest update for all platforms–desktop, iOS, and Android.  It’s not enough that you post a new status or photo on your Facebook wall to know your contacts what you’ve been up to. It’s good if you also chat and better yet, do video calls. This way, the connection can be strengthened because you can see your friends in real time. There are no pretensions as you can see them all at once as if you are in one place.

Facebook has been successful with the Messenger. People use it for chats and video calls. About 245 million people use it for video calls so it’s about time they experience an update with group video chats.  There may be similar apps but right now, Facebook Messenger’s popularity demands for such feature. Service is free over WiFi. It allows you to chat with six people at a time. That is the limit but a maximum of 50 contacts can still join in the fun and just listen to the conversation. It’s like hosting a podcast where only a few people talk but are listened to by a target audience.  When you see a video icon on a conversation, simply tap on it and an invitation to a group video chat will be sent to friends who are online. Once they receive the notification, they can choose to join or not.

It’s a good start for Facebook and we know the feature will only be improved in the near future.

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