“Samsung is planning to release the new update on December 19 which will turn Note7 useless”

Samsung will turn all the remaining Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the US obsolete with a new update. Samsung is planning to release the new update on December 19, which will turn all the Galaxy Note7 smartphones inoperable. Samsung says this is the final update for the recalled Galaxy Note7 devices.

Samsung has been struggling to convince consumers to return their Galaxy Note7 devices. Most consumers have had apprehension with returning their device after paying nearly $850. In order to ensure safety of consumers, Samsung has been slowly killing the device and the new update will basically turn the device useless. Samsung plans to make the update available to carriers on December 19 and all the remaining devices will get the update with 30 days of its availability. The update will prevent Galaxy Note7 from charging and will also disable cellular connectivity of these devices.

Samsung had initially limited the charging capacity of Galaxy Note7 in order to prevent overheating and fatal explosion. According to The Verge, Samsung has already received 93 percent of the Galaxy Note7 devices sold in the US and the new update is meant to bring in the remaining devices.

Back in September, Samsung announced a worldwide recall for Galaxy Note7 devices citing safety issues. Samsung could not really zero in on the cause for the explosion but multiple sources have cited aggressive design language and dense packaging of batteries to be the cause for the explosion.

Samsung recently issued an update limiting battery recharge cycle to 60 percent and even issues a notification about the recall every time the screen is turned on. By removing the charging capability and disabling network connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Note7 won’t even be eligible for being called a mobile phone and Samsung feels this will encourage people holding onto the device to return it finally.

If you are in US and have a Galaxy Note7 then you should immediately get it exchanged for another Galaxy smartphone or any other smartphone. Samsung is also offering full refunds for those not willing to settle down with any other smartphone.

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