• On iOS and macOS, spam calendar invites are pushed from emails
  • Users can stop this spam through iCloud.com
  • The spam invites notify the sender automatically

Many iCloud account holders have been reporting an influx of spam calendar invitations lately. This is caused because macOS and iOS operating systems automatically scan the Inbox for calendar invites. These are then shown to users in the form of calendar invite prompts, and the email is deleted to avoid congestion. While it’s a great feature for remembering events and reducing clutter in email, the increasing number of spam invites from brands and companies could get annoying.

Additionally, there is no way to ignore these invites, and you have to choose one of the three options – Accept, Maybe, Decline – in order to get rid of the push notification. This means the spammer receives a reply no matter what.

Luckily, there is a way to stop these invites altogether, reports the New York Times. Head to iCloud.com in Safari or any other Web browser.
  1. First, open iCloud.com up in a web browser.
  2. Log into using the account you use on your phone (where your calendars are stored).
  3. Click on Calendar.
  4. Click on the settings gear2016-11-25_08-50-07.png in the lower left of the screen.
  5. Click on Preferences.
  6. Click the Advanced tab.
  7. Under Invitations set the option for Receive event notifications as to the second option, as an Email to rather than an in-app notification.
Source: https://goo.gl/Ahqm0Q

Deleting Spam Invites Without Sending Notifications

Taken from the Apple Discussion Forums, here’s a workaround to delete invites without sending the response to the spammer using macOS:

  1. Create a new iCloud calendar (not “On My Mac”).
  2. Move the spam event to the new iCloud calendar.
  3. Delete the new iCloud calendar.
  4. Calendar will now prompt you with “Delete and Don’t Notify” and “Delete and Notify”.
  5. Select “Delete and Don’t Notify”.

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